'Crimson Delight', 30"x40", (for sale at Killarney Mountain Lodge) 

'Evening's fading treasure', 48"x36", (for sale at Double T Gallery)

 'Under Repair', 16"x12", (for sale - $300 unframed)

'Outside the Islands', 16"x12", (for sale - $300 unframed)

'Northern Playground', 40"x24", (for sale $1300) 

'Winter Farm", 12"x16", (for sale - $300 unframed)

 ‘Abandoned Dreams’, Seal Cove, 40"x54",  New Brunswick  (sold)     

‘Learning to Fly’, Clearsilver Lake, Killarney Provincial Park  (sold) 

    ‘Camping on Killarney Lake’, Killarney Provincial Park  (sold)


"Morning Light’, Killarney Lake, Killarney Provincial Park  (sold)

‘untitled’,Killarney, Ontario (sold) 

'Shoreline Birches', (sold)

'Cottage Lights', Parry Sound (commissioned work - sold)

'After the Storm', (commissioned work - sold)






 'Exploring the Lake', 28"x18", (for sale - $1200 unframed) 

 'Blueberry Red', 40"x30", (for sale at Killarney Mountain Lodge)

'North Shore Islands', 20"x40", (for sale - $1300 unframed)

'A view from the summit', 16"x12", (for sale - $300 unframed)

 'Sugar Bush', 36"x20", near Killarney  (For sale $1000 unframed)

'Evening Glow', (for sale - $300 unframed)


'Mending Nets', (sold)     


‘At the Crack’, Killarney Provincial Park (sold) 


‘Silhouettes’, Carlyle Lake,  Killarney Provincial Park  (commissioned work - sold)

  ‘Calm day on O.S.A. Lake’, Killarney Provincial Park   (sold)  


  ‘Colour on Kidney Lake’, Killarney Provincial Park (sold)


 ‘South La Cloche Range’, Killarney Provincial Park  (sold)

 'The beginning and the end'  (sold)

'Santa Catalina Mountains', (commissioned work - sold) 








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